Coaching @ Snooker-Academy

Over the years a greater emphasis has been out on coaching in a number of different sports. Along with other ball sports, like golf and tennis, coaching is seen as essential in putting the student on the right track early.
With snooker coaching there are several schools of thought : 
  • Firstly, you could learn from one of the many books written on the subject and then employ these techniques in your practise game. Try visiting Frank Callan's snooker coaching website which covers all of the basics.
  • Secondly, you could watch snooker coaching videos and be instructed in that way. Try Youtube snooker coaching videos.
I have tried both of these methods with limited success. My technique did improve slightly but I now know that the basic techniques were still not correct.
My coaching method, based on the World Snooker (WPBSA) method, is to assess everybody individually. I determine what the individual wants to achieve and what their strengths and weaknesses are. I then instigate a plan to establish good basic technique and then build on this to meet the individual's goals.
This is done by giving structured lessons, moving at the pace of the individual, that cover things like:
    • Basic Technique
    • Break Building
    • Safety Play
    • Special Shots
    • Practise Routines
    • Match Etiquette
    • Tactics and Strategies
This coaching is normally given at my house on my tournament specification Riley Aristocrat Tournament Champion table.
The coaching can also be given at your home or local club but at an additional cost to cover expenses.