About Me

I began playing cue sports at the age of 12 when my friend at school, Dudley Holloway, was given a pool table as a gift. We played on it constantly until we joined the local snooker club, The Flaxley in Stetchford, Birmingham. We joined at fifteen and played as often as we could afford to.
I first played league snooker, at the age of twenty two, for Dudley Police. I worked with an ex-officer, Geoff Parkes, who ran the team and invited me to join. We played in the premier division of the Dudley league and I was the weakest link in the team but I still won about half my games. It was with this team that I met an ex-professional player who showed me a practise routine. This was a major breakthrough for me and my game improved straight away. I knew form this one exercise that these learning routines were the way to success. 
I moved away from the area and began playing league snooker in Burton-on-Trent (1996) and later in the Stirchley & District League (2004).
A turning point for me was when I moved to house where I had an extension built for my own full-size snooker table. I thought that the problem with my game was lack of table time and that being able to practise all the time would rapidly raise my decidedly average form to new heights. However, this did not work. I practised and practised, my form improved slightly but not a great deal. I remembered the practise routine and looked around to try to find more of them, however, there was nothing in books or on the internet.
It was at this point that I realised I needed professional help, so I started looking for a snooker coach to help me. I found it very difficult to locate a coach in Staffordshire. In 2006 I met Andrew Highfield an ex-professional based in Bilston, West Midlands. Andrew has coached me ever since and has completely transformed my game. I cannot thank Andy enough for his help. His lessons were based on the practise routines that I had encountered earlier, which proved successful. I have learned the precise techniques using focussed exercise routines and improved my game significantly.
In 2007, I decided that I would take the World Snooker Coaching course and become a WPBSA coach. My main aim is to start people off on the right path by coaching the basic techniques upon which they can build by practising in the right way.